Atlanta Civic Center

The Story

Historic Atlanta has reached out to City officials and the Atlanta Housing Authority to identify and pursue a preservation strategy for the New Formalist landmark Civic Center. You can help by calling, emailing, and tagging the Atlanta Housing Authority and the Atlanta Urban Design Commission to show your support for preserving the Civic Center.

  • Use social media hashtags #saveboisfeuilletjones #savetheciviccenter and #atlantaciviccenter



The Atlanta Civic Center opened on March 7, 1968. It was designed by Harold Montague of Robert & Co. It was the home to the Metropolitan Opera spring tour for 19 seasons, Theater of the Stars for 21, the Nutcracker for six, and more recently the Atlanta Opera for five.

​According to Atlanta architect Bob Foreman “Its major selling point is an excellent stage, the largest in the Southeast, fifty wide and fifty deep, with decent wings, a fine loading dock, and an 85 foot high grid loft. The problem is that no one particularly cares for its 4600-seat auditorium, described in a 2007 Atlanta Magazine spread as “as large as a convention hall and as charmless as a high school auditorium,” and cited for its “mausoleum ambiance and cavern-like acoustics” by the AJC.” However, when the auditorium first opened it was lauded for its fine acoustics, leading one to presume that the acoustic qualities of the space were altered for the worse in later interventions.